[Report] I was invited to the Bay Court Club 2

Hello, my health is crap and I'm dying.

However, there is no reserve of content.

I am writing this with a runny nose.


Universe Group, PATOLO support

This is Yuna Seki.


This time, we have been invited to Bay Court.

I would like to talk to you about that day.










Garbage! ! ! ! ! ! !


Please curse me like that,


The one who cursed me will still be saved.


And even though I did something very, very rude.

I saw a tweet saying that I have never used Credoporte cosmetics.


Credo highlighter as a birthday present😭😭😭

Very considerate, very considerate...





It makes you look very classy...

This attitude of giving first wins the hearts of men.

Even if this was a created character, men

Still, I want to enjoy my time with this girl, even if it's just a pseudo-romance.

I am keenly aware that this is what makes me think so.


I'm happy to be able to come to Baycourt and pump my fists.







Ha, that was great.

If I hadn't had this experience, joined this company, and transferred to the PATOLO department.

I don't think I was able to experience it.


To the members who made this opportunity possible,

And above all, Grandpa Kawa-chan, who we mutually follow,

Thank you all!

PATOLO support


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