[Manga] The most troublesome and unpleasant episode in the world


Hello, this is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.

Thank you everyone for reading this article.


Today, FF's "Wow, something like this really happened" will make you think.

I found some content, so I drew a manga based on it.


Everyone, I want to know the actual real-life episodes!

There seem to be many patterns that make you think so.

If you can study the contents of actual dates and mine actions, and then go on an actual date based on that knowledge.

It's very nice (*^^*)


I hope you will think of it as a drill and skim through it★



Here you go 👇











How was it?

I don't understand men's feelings, but I'd like to try out other people's feelings.

It's nonsense to reveal spoilers★


"Don't test people with your own suspicions"


It's unpleasant to let the other person know.

Be careful and let's go on a date 🥴✨


Thank you for reading ✨


Yuna Seki

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