The contents and amount of the membership site will be exposed!

We become indebted to.
During the meal, I bit into my mouth (right back tooth) and ate chilled kimchi udon that only tasted like blood.
I'm Matsuzaka, who was hesitant to come to work on Tuesday because of the spicy taste of kimchi (T_T)


For a session (date) with a talent (female)
What amount is set?

If you are interested, isn't there about 3 people in the country?


Minimum: 0 yen


3 yen, 5 yen, 1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen...


Maximum: 20 yen


Too much price difference...


Looking at the actual membership site
I think you can see the difference between



3 out of 2 people in Japan
"No way!"
"Isn't that a rip-off!"
I think I'm going to get angry.



If anything can be forgiven now, I also apologize for the lack of preparation that is far from opening.
Everyone will change to 3 yen (unrealistic)



Shunichi Matsuzaka


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