[Manga] Lounge PJ's diet habits

Hello, this is Oseki from PATOLO.

Lately, I've been thinking that I've uploaded my blog, but there have been weeks when I haven't.

Sometimes there are


No, I draw manga and do so much research every day.

I wonder why it's so out of place...I am disgusted with my own negligence.


If I were to update my blog with text only, I could write it quickly and quickly.

If it's just text, it's hard to get people to see it, and it's not easy to draw manga right away...

However, the blog update date is approaching even if I am absentmindedly...!


No, do your best!

I know you're reading this, and I'll do my best to improve the quality and speed.


So, without further ado, here's what I'm currently obsessed with and trying to do my best.

I would appreciate it if you could draw a diet story.


I visited Universe Lounge the other day.

At that time, I asked various questions about my current interests.

We asked the model about her weight loss habits.


Please take a look at the quick out Puccio.









A nice buddy and a beautiful woman didn't happen in one day.

Let's meet again


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