[Tokyo] Killed by papa katsu



I realized,

Uncle in the summer stinks.

And a few of the young women Vai sweltering.

On top of that, if you occasionally hit an uncle called landmine p




while blowing my nose

"What about after here and here?"


if it is said

Nothing but a burning hell

There is no doubt that it will be such a moment.

On top of that, it is inevitable that I want to quit Pikatsu.





While preparing in the heat and taking the risk of heat stroke

go to the meeting place

How much you can get, and a promise that it will definitely benefit you in the future

Of women heading to the meeting place with nothing

I was finally able to notice my stoicness and desperation.






In this heat, I also moved around in the city.



If I fail, I will die...

So women who are really registering

men who use


Please head to the date even in this hot weather

Thank you very much.





However, I went on a date and got a heat stroke.

There is no original or child if it is unconscious

Please take care of yourself and your body


While being aware of your real QOL

Don't put too much date and face-to-face,

Don't move beyond your capacity

Thinking of someone important to me

Please take care of yourself by sleeping soundly.



If you say something like this, it will be useless.

Life is better than dates, human life is better than money.



This year, if you are not careful, you will be swept away by the river, and the person who was swept away

The fact that the person who tried to help will also die

You're awake, aren't you?


I think that can be said for dad activities as well.


What do you do when you get sick while trying to help?

What do you do when you move to be happy and get exhausted?

I should have started from Papa to enrich my life

What do you do when you are dissatisfied and get angry with your opponent and self-destruct?




It's a state where you can afford everything, isn't it?

I felt that I had to go to the gym to build up my physical strength.



By the way, about the member store coverage


To everyone at the 5 branches of the Universe Group this time

I've been listening to you!




There are parts that are common and parts that have completely different sensibilities

But at the core, everyone has to make their own branch better.

I see it as my own problem, not someone else's problem





various in a good wayColorThere is.



I guess there is compatibility depending on the personality of the woman and the man who don't match,

That's my honest impression.

However, what they have in common is that without choosing words,


wherever you go

Short-tempered and troublesome men are shunned by any point of view or member store

Irregular women who cannot keep their promises are not welcome,

That's the point.




No matter where you go, it's common, it's no longer the truth of the world.



If I go out in the scorching sun, it's my reason to get sick.

We will be closed tomorrow.


Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoy your session today without overdoing it.



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