[Manga] I drew data on daddy life🥺

Hello 🌸

Daddy life, the middle ground between apps and girls, the best part

Is there such a thing?

This is Oseki from PATOLO support.



Today, I would like to actually look at daddy life in numbers and data.

Is it really being used by people with financial power?

If anyone wants to see actual data such as how many people exist,

Also, if there is any feedback such as wanting to see the 2023 version, I would like to see it.

I tried making it into a manga.


There are some differences in the demographics of dating clubs and apps.

For women


“Hey, are there people with this level of annual income?”と


For men


“If I can get the peace of mind of a dating club for this amount of money, I might give it a try.”

I would be happy if you could think of it even a little.









The results were a little harsh for women (this turned into a punchline)

However, personally, it is easy to understand and clear data, and the place to improve is appearance.

I laughed as the hard work came to light.


And recently, PATOLO has started 2.5 phase verification.

Further improvements are underway.

I'm currently writing this while watching the progress during a verification meeting.



In 2024, performance data will be available on PATOLO, or rather, users'

Based on the data, such statistics can be obtained.


I will do my best so that you can use it a lot!

First of all, we need to understand the specifications that keep changing every day...!

Thank you for your continued support.




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