A design amateur was suddenly requested to improve the design, which can be said to be the basis of the app.

We become indebted to.

This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.
Thank you always for your support.


This time,Time to share daily work and talk about progressWe would like to

As the title says,
Actually, the other day, I received a job request from my boss,


"Propose improvements in terms of the design of the PATOLO app."

And I'm going to cooperate with various places so that it can be improved.





I have no choice but to do it,


It's a heavy responsibility for a design amateur person in charge!



There is also a theory that he is carrying a heavy responsibility, but


Well, when I think about it calmly
I'm talking about coming up with ideas and improvement proposals within the PATOLO business department,
So it boils down, so the flow is to request to the in-house design team
Ultimately, the designer staff should polish it.

However, since it is the PATOLO business department that asks you to do this,
In the first place, if you make a bad idea, you will explode in various ways. .


From now on, we will continue to improve the PATOLO app and increase the content of the content explanation, so please continue to support us m(_ _)m



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