What Patro can't do

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.
This time

What Patro can't do


I would like to talk about

Not limited to Patro, in the so-called "papa katsu" format matching
The term “free love” is often used.


"Free Love"

Some people may feel that they can do anything freely when they hear it.


Of course not.
The “freedom” here means that the person can decide with their own feelings and thoughts.
That's what I mean.


Just like normal love, if you think you are a good person, it will develop into a relationship,
After that, the environment and values ​​​​of each other may change and we may break up,
In the first place, there are cases where the feeling does not match and the relationship does not develop.


Many years have already passed since the word "papa katsu" was heard.
There may not be many people who misunderstand that much, but

It's not a "service" like "90 yen for 5 minutes".
The cost of setting (matching) is only for the “encounter” part, so
Regarding complaints such as "I paid ●● yen and could not go to the hotel",
In terms of feelings, of course I can sympathize with the frustration that things didn't go well.
I have to say that it is a little off when it comes to talking like "guarantee!"


On that point from the beginning,
I hope you can understand that sometimes it develops into a relationship as a result of having a cup of tea or a meal and confirming the feeling, and sometimes it doesn't.




On top of that, consider the best method, whether it is better to create encounters yourself, whether there are people who use SNS, or whether to use paid services such as apps, dating clubs, and patrol. I would appreciate it.




Even after joining, there are still rules,
・No violence
・Theft, voyeurism, drunk driving, and other crimes are prohibited.
These things are taken for granted


PATOLO allows male and female users to communicate directly using the chat function.
・Personal information such as phone number
・ Other contact information such as email and LINE
・ Negotiating terms of dating

These matters are prohibited from being exchanged in Patro Chat.


Of course, we will warn you when we find out, but there are many cases where we have no choice but to guide you to forcibly withdraw from the nuisance. Please note that you will have to leave Patro.




I can understand the feeling of wanting to contact you on the phone when you meet up for a date, but even if you don't mean it badly, exchange contact information while checking your feelings on the date and be considerate of not burdening the other person. I would appreciate it.

Basically, when we meet up, we would like you to use chat to meet up.
In the unlikely event that you have troubles such as being unable to meet, please contact the affiliated store staff you belong to or PATOLO's reporting function, etc. to contact PATRO.


Thank you very much for your continued support.

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