how to find a partner

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This time I wish I could talk about how to find a partner.


What aspects do you consider important when building a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex? ?

I think that each person has their own point of view, such as "personality, looks, age," etc.


Now let's change the question.


What aspects do you value in finding a partner to build a long-term relationship with?


One of the most common answers is,person with similar interestsI don't think there are many people who will answer that.


surely"interests matchI think it's a good thing because we can share time together.



However, just "matching hobbies" may lead to a fragile relationship when a crack appears in the relationship...


So what I think iscommon dislikes"That's it.


What do you dislike?You may think so, but I think it's important.


Not a few people say,feel badI think that there is something, but if this is common, a bond greater than "like" may be born.



When looking for a partner in the future,common dislikes"Maybe you should try looking for someone.





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