Member store popularity ranking

We become indebted to.
This is Matsuzaka from the PATOLO division (*^^*)

We received an inquiry via the PATOLO homepage.

“I want to join the ◯◯ club.”

I was surprised to receive a message saying, ``I would like to become a member,'' as there is no way to apply for membership on the PATOLO homepage.
I believe that the high level of female staff and customer service at member stores led to my application for membership.
I am in frequent contact with this member store, and I can see why they would want to join.

It would be a waste to not have an application button when such wonderful member stores exist and we have members who value us.
Each member store'sIntroduction pageWe have uploaded the [Apply to join this member store] button.
From now on, those who wish to become a member will be able to contact a member store from the member store's My Page and make an appointment for an interview.

It would be interesting if there was something like a ranking of member store popularity where you can see real evaluations of member stores from members (*^^*)


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