Trying to organize past content

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.

This time,

Trying to organize past content

I would like to talk about the theme.



Mainly, I, Oda, another person, and Seki are the members who work as web managers, such as updating blog articles, posting on SNS, creating article texts for the PATOLO official website, and creating texts for email distribution. We are doing.


In addition, PATOLO's "inside people" members are responsible for responding to inquiries from member stores and some users, mainly improving the membership site and checking the system. There is a division of roles with the person in charge.

I hope that each of us will continue to work as a team, facing our own duties, and moving things forward.



Aside from that, this time, I would like to look back on the content such as images that I used in the past.




Now, the pre-opening has been completed, and users are actually using it, but until then, it's a dummy, creating a user account for testing. I tried to move it, and if I noticed something, I continued to make improvements and suggestions.



The following pictures were used at that time.



The above AI art image was set for the female account when Oda was allowed to touch PATOLO for verification.


You can chat with a male account and a female account with your own self-made performance, apply for a session,


By the way, this photo was set for the male account



Actually, there was another male photo, but I lost the material for a while...
I'm sorry that I can't introduce you.



Next, here is the AI ​​art that I often used on blogs and the like.



I created several materials with this woman as a motif, and used them for column articles and SNS posts for a while.


I think that I will continue to use images of different versions of this touch for a while.



It was a lot of trial and error to get to this image.


The prompts to give commands to the AI ​​are basically in English, so I had a hard time understanding how to express it and how it would be output.


Even now, I can't give orders exactly as I want, but I'm kind of relying on materials.



The maiden work was like this.


I tried my best to make the material look like a typical Japanese person and have a sense of familiarity, but I can't say anything.



After that, in the end, I started asking for illustrations rather than photos, and personally I feel that I am more familiar with articles and posting on SNS. So, the illustration touch material is now the base.




As a member of PATOLO support, I will continue to work on the front line in the future.

We always check the answers to the questionnaires such as opinions and improvement proposals sent by users.


Also, I would like to introduce you to articles etc.
Thank you for your continued support.


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