June 27, 2023

Closure and sale of dating club business

It's almost time to get the second white floral dish at the spring bread festival!
This is Matsuzaka from the new type of matching "Investment Love" PATOLO business department (*^^*)


I would like to make a proposal for PATOLO
I searched dating clubs all over the country and contacted them by phone, email, and inquiry form.
if you count300 clubIt was nearby.

HP is alive in the 300 club,
"The number you have dialed is no longer in service"
No matter how many times I call it, it just rings "pururururu"
Even if you send an email, it will come back with an error
There were quite a few clubs that were out of business.


Among the clubs that I spoke to on the phone,

"I'm thinking of quitting the business."
"I'm thinking of selling it."

Some people said, and I was able to know the tough current situation.
I also felt a sense of crisis that the dating club industry might be losing momentum.


While making the most of the good parts of the dating club so as not to be overwhelmed by apps and emerging forces, and not to be crushed
I hope that the people who run the dating club will cooperate with each other to revitalize this industry with a new genre.
The scale of the club doesn't matter, so i want to change the current situation!I want to challenge!
If you think even a little, I would be happy if you could talk to me once.


Shunichi Matsuzaka



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