[Manga] A certain PJ's splendid Cinderella story

tired. All about being a dad.

I was desperately wondering why I was meeting with my uncle.

No matter how hard you work, even though you are not rewarded, the demands of you only increase.

Sometimes I have moments when I think that way.


I feel like even though I have a goal, I feel like I've made progress towards my goal.

I met Uncle Katsu a lot.

I think there are times when I wonder if there is anything I can really achieve.


To be honest, there are things that can't be helped by luck or hard work.

There will be.


However, one thing I can say is

There is absolutely no way that your efforts will not benefit you.That.


No matter what you look like or what position you are in,

Anything you work hard on will always come back to you.



Even if no one else sees it, it will always be of value to you.

The day will come when you'll think about it. (I'm not saying this to women who mess up 🔧 lol)


So even if you are in an unfortunate situation,

I hope they don't compromise their own policies or core principles.


What are you talking about?

This is my wish for everyone who works in the Papakatsu area and meets my uncle.

Today is a dad-activated Cinderella story ✨








I dream of what everyone dreams of.

Well then 🥺

PATOLO support

Yuna Seki



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