[True story manga] Catch the local P

How are you all doing?

PATOLO support, it's a random cough.

And humbly thank you.


Today is a very popular series (without permission)

Find a local uncle 1

This is part [2].

I felt like I should write it down while I still remember it.

I will write the rest while my memory is still vague.


Regarding local uncles, compared to Tokyo and Kansai P.

The number is overwhelmingly small, so if you don't have a lot of time or don't want to make mistakes,

At the message stage,


(Sorry, I sound bossy)


Choose the person you want to meet (P)


I felt that there was a need for it.

I think this may not be relevant to those who are running around, but a good father is

This is because there are no impressions that come up one after another with the app.


Therefore, when assessing your opponent, consider their stance, ulterior motives,

I have written down some things to be careful about when interacting with others.


I would appreciate it if you could help me even a little.












How was it?

I would appreciate it if you could make use of it even a little for dates and meet-ups.


Have a nice weekend ✨



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