[Manga] Is Pikatsu possible even in remote areas?

Hello 🌸

This is Seki from patolo support.


There was a marketing meeting yesterday.

It's a meeting where policies are decided, and it's been a long time since I've participated.

A meeting to decide on a direction is

I mean, it's natural to feel nervous when you're surrounded by great people, so I always

Take the witness stand as a defendant in a trial,

And I feel like I have to explain myself.



I haven't done anything bad at all!


It means that so many people will participate.

We are doing it so seriously that there is a sense of tension and the atmosphere is a bit tense.

It is surprising that they are trying so hard to develop the platform called PATOLO.

I hope I get the message across.


So, here's what I can do...


Daddy life meet-up❣

Is it possible for ordinary people to have a regular schedule? Project ~Local edition~


I would like to do this.

Today, I will be explaining the content including my stance and method for this face-to-face meeting project.








Can you understand my surprise in the fourth frame?

I was surprised….


Like this“What the hell happened?”

It's funny because things like this happen.


If only I had the time to be surprised and laugh from the bottom of my heart like this.

Maybe you can relax and enjoy it.


What were you talking about?

If I receive any requests or feedback about my father's life in the region, I will write more about it.


Adios then!


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