[Final] Isn't it possible to secretly ask questions that are difficult to ask on ChatGPT?

Thank you for your help.

This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.


This time, I would like to put an end to the story of the balance with ChatGPT.

In the case of men (including some wealthy women), if anything, they may be more interested in investing (purchasing stocks) in companies that develop ChatGPT and related technologies. .



Continuing from the last time, I asked ChatGPT various things.

This time, it is a question that goes a little deeper into the content of dad activities.

Can you explain papa-katsu?

“Papa-katsu” refers to a relationship between a young woman and an older man (papa) while exchanging money and gifts. , which may include sexual relationships.


In papa-katsu, the female side seeks financial support from the papa (support for living expenses, tuition fees, gifts of luxury goods, etc.), and the papa side has conversations with young women, meals, sharing hobbies, and in some cases, sexual intercourse. You may want a relationship.


Papa-katsu is characterized by the fact that money and gifts are included in the exchange conditions, unlike romantic relationships aimed at free love and marriage.Also, Papa-katsu is legally located in a gray zone, and the boundary between prostitution and prostitution may become ambiguous.


Papa-katsu is sometimes taken up as a social problem, and the economic hardship of young women and their position as socially vulnerable may be the background.On the other hand, the father may have social status and economic power, and there is concern that a power relationship will arise against young women. ”



I see.

I'm sure there is no doubt that it is the content that is generally interpreted in the world.


I'm going to digress a little, but it is said that the president of the Universe Group started using the term "papa-katsu" as a way of matching people at a dating club.


As the president himself, it was a little disappointing because it wasn't the way it spread as he had originally thought.

A little more forward-looking women want to meet bright and wonderful people with positive emotions, and we want to dispel the underground image at that time so that they can be seen as adult dating and social gatherings while confirming their favorable feelings. In a way, I think it's no exaggeration to say that it was intended to change the image of women, including the improvement of women's status.


That being said, I also asked:


How much should a woman receive?

``The amount of rewards women receive in dad activities varies depending on various factors. For example, the woman's age, appearance, the depth and frequency of the relationship with the dad, the region and city, the purpose and conditions of the dad activity, etc. is taken into account.


However, in general, the amount of money a woman receives is considered to be from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen per time.However, the market price is only a guideline, and it is important to focus on whether the amount that the woman receives is acceptable to herself.


Also, dad activities are a legal gray area, and if the amount of reward becomes too high, legal problems and risks may increase.Women should prioritize their own safety and decide on an appropriate amount of compensation. ”


It's a so-called allowance consultation.
It's not a concrete answer, but even if you've never been to it, you can understand why it's like that.




I also asked this question.

Is there a similar relationship with papa-katsu not only in Japan but also overseas?

“Yes, there are relationships similar to Papa-katsu not only in Japan, but also overseas. , refers to the relationship between a man or woman who provides support in the form of money, gifts, etc., and the young woman or man who receives that support.


However, in some countries and regions, such relationships may be legally prohibited.Relationships such as daddies and sugar daddies also carry risks.Donors and recipients may be scammers or dangerous people, so be careful. ”



I went a step further and asked these things from a different degree of certainty.


What should I do if I have an unwanted pregnancy?

“If you have an unwanted pregnancy, you have the following options:

  1. Have an abortion: If it is difficult to continue the pregnancy, you may choose to have an abortion.Abortions are legally restricted in some countries, but can be performed at medical institutions through surgery or drug therapy.

  2. Give birth: If you are able to continue the pregnancy, you can give birth.However, childbirth is physically and mentally taxing, and it takes time and money to raise a child.

  3. Place your child in foster care: After giving birth, you can place your child in foster care.When placing a child in foster care, child support costs and procedures must also be considered.

Which option you choose depends on your personal intentions and circumstances.The important thing is to make choices that you are comfortable with.It is also important to obtain information from specialists and consultation desks. ”




What did you think.


First of all, ChatGPT does not give a perfect answer for the questioner.
In the past, people in the world spit out their thoughts and emotions, and we take in data and return answers.
It doesn't take into account the details of the individual's situation or environment, so the answers are always left with some latitude.



On top of that, it is a consideration after asking various questions so far,
"Ask AI about things that are a little difficult to askI felt that it might be worth it rather than consulting with people.


It is a premise that you understand that it is not necessarily the correct answer, but that it gives you hints and reference opinions,
Using the answers obtained as a reference, they will continue to search for the correct answer for themselves while trying out solutions to their worries in the real world.


I thought that this kind of usage would save a lot of waste.



For example, it takes a lot of courage to confide in someone about a sensitive issue.
In some cases, someone you trust may reveal embarrassing secrets to others.
And based on the information passed to the third party, you may be teased.


It may not be a big deal if you are teased, but
It can be embarrassing or quite troublesome.


I felt that AI would be better suited for such questions.
Since AI has no friends or socializing,

The next day, when you go to work or school, you won't find yourself talking for some reason.


Well, I asked AI at the company or issue, and the situation was shoulder-hacked, and I was teased.
There may be some kind of human error.


Considering the PATOLO neighborhood,
Separate from the staff blog in the universe club
"Anonymous bulletin boardThere is a page called


There are also commentators who are frank and outspoken here,
You may find yourself in very difficult situations.


In a sense, it is the best place to see the real life of dads, or the real life of skilled male and female professional players.


Depending on the content of the question, you will be beaten up.


Let's do this funky!


feel likeSeveral timesIt is said in a way that comes with Gusatsu.Sweat



So you have to throw it in with the preparedness to be cut.
Anonymous, but



Because of the intensity of
Since I was a coordinator, from existing membersPros and consI received it.


"You should stop doing that.'


Because once or twice, not one or two people, I visited here and there.
I don't think that all members or people who are considering it know about the existence of the bulletin board, so I think there are many people who haven't seen it.



won't you stop?It's going to be a story,



Do not stop


It seems.
According to what I heard, this bulletin board, for example,


breaking down


I heard that.

Ah, I see.

I nodded,It seems that it will continue to exist as a form of entertainment.



That said, on the other hand, I personally find Breaking Down and Papa Katsu Anonymous Bulletin Boards too stimulating and dizzying.


that's why(?)

Sometimes it's best to secretly ask a jab-like question to ChatGPT, get a rather ambiguous answer in polite Japanese, and then think about it yourself.


no longer healed.



It seems to be persistent, but
It seems that it can be used effectively based on the understanding that it is only for reference.

Thank you for joining us today.

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