Is ChatGPT serious or not?

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This time, I touched on ChatGPT a little bit in last Monday's article a week ago, and I would like to continue the story.


Yes, I started by asking ChatGPT this question.It was from the story.


I asked him about his kindness and gestures that he only shows to people he likes, but he also refused.


So, the above picture is what I ate,


"I think there is still a difference between men and women, what do you think?'

what did you sayMuki(laughs)


As you can see,Gender-based “differences” exist, but they cannot be “generalized” and differ depending on environmental and cultural influences other than gender, so it is dangerous to judge based on gender.I am giving an answer to the effect that I said.




(That's right. AI, and then computers.)


そ し て,Understanding GPT's feelingsHere are the additional questions that I asked to understand the feeling of the line


"Then, do you know what is the typical gesture that can be given as evidence that a person is in love with another person?'





He finally gave me an answer.



that is here


There are a wide variety of gestures that can be given as evidence that a person is in love with another person, but the following are the representative ones that are generally known.

・Smile when you make eye contact
-Listen with interest when speaking
-Touch shoulders and arms
Shows that you remember what the other person said
・Give presents
- Spend more time together
- Empathize with other people's opinions and feelings
- Be proactive in speech and behavior
-Prefers to be near others
- Show interest in other people's tastes and hobbies
However, it should be noted that these gestures do not necessarily indicate romantic feelings.There are many reasons for an individual's actions and facial expressions, so a comprehensive observation is necessary to determine if the other person is interested in you.


I was waiting for an answer like this!


It looks like it's going to be long, so please let me continue next time.






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