I want to be able to use the clone technique...

The average number of views on the PATOLO blog has increased...! ?

This is Mitsui, a PATOLO supporter who posts once every two weeks!

Hey, did Mitsui become "crazy" based on the title?The person who was worried and clicked on the blog.



That's kind ^^


Don't worry, Mitsui is doing just fine!I'm so energetic! !



The other day, we had a PATOLO physique session for our in-house staff, and we received a lot of feedback.


We also receive valuable feedback from our members who use our service every day.

(I am so grateful 😢)



What I feel is that I wish I could have two, three, four, and five doubles and be able to do many times more work.


I wish I could fix this and do this, this, this, etc.

Ah, Mitsui isn't an engineer in the first place, so he can't fix bugs... .


I wish Mitsui's alter ego 5 would study to be an engineer.


(I think the punch line is that even if you are a clone, you don't study the areas you are weak in.)

→The following is the truth that was broadcast in some episode of Doraemon.



What I, Mitsui, can do is do my best in the limited time I have.

That's all for this blog, and I'll get to work ^^


PATOLO Support Mitsui






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