How many dates? Are there any members? It's a really cool app! ? ~The road to recognition is difficult~


◆The path to recognition

PATOLO's name is often confused...

“PATORO” is often said.

The other day, I was mistaken for “Parto”🥲

The road to recognition is tough...



President Nishimura of Imoto WiFi also said this.

“If it is not recognized, it is as if it does not exist.”





◆Trends in number of dates and number of members

Thank you to everyone who uses our site and to everyone who views our blog.
Sorry for the delay, this is Imai from PATOLO support.


It's already been 7 months since the pre-opening in July.
Thanks to you, the number of dates is gradually increasing!



Looking at the number of members, we have about 750 men and women registering every month 🙇‍♀️
Even if you don't register with multiple dating clubs, you can increase your chances of meeting people with just one PATOLO!
We have been working hard for the past five months to create a matching platform that is convenient for men and women who want to become fathers.



But, shashi! ! !
The reality is that even if you search for “matching app”, you won’t get any hits for PATOLO…
I searched for “matching app dating club” and scrolled a lot.

Finally, "PATOLO" quietly becomes a hit...
The situation is still like that now.


As I wrote at the beginning
If it's not known, it's as if it doesn't exist.


How can men and women who are looking for an encounter get to know about Patro?
Of course, it is important that
In the first place, are we currently serving the best food? Are you satisfied with this?
There are still many areas to improve! I have continued to run with this in mind.




◆First renewal of member site

In fact, plans for a major renewal of the membership site are underway.
The first edition was finally released in November!

*Member information is for illustrative purposes only.


After all, design is important.
Compared to before, you can now switch between tile display and list display,
A sorting function has been added, so you can now sort by order of highest rating, etc.



It's like I'm still at the starting line.
I made it!
Although it's not enough to scream
I wrote this in hopes that you would know that we are making little progress every day 😊





If you have an account but have never opened it.
People who opened it once, but it was not easy to use, so they abandoned it.


We will definitely improve the visual design and operability, so
When you want to meet someone new

I would be happy if you remember Patro✨


PATOLO support
Saki Imai

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