Block, unsubscribe, and dated display are the same!

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This time

Block, unsubscribe, and dated display are the same!

I would like to talk about the theme.




excuse me.
I got carried away with the somewhat provocative title.


Actually, the other day, in a questionnaire from PATOLO users,

"When you block someone, I would like it to look the same as when you unsubscribed to prevent any trouble."

We received responses to the same effect.



In fact, at PATOLO,
The profile of the person you matched with on PATOLO cannot be viewed after the date.
Regarding the profile page, it will be in the same state as when you withdraw because you will not be able to see the person who has already dated or blocked.


You can continue to chat with people who have already dated after the date.




It's difficult to come up with a standard,
For example, at Universe Club, the largest member store within PATOLO,

- Male profiles can only be viewed by men who have created and published them.
・The person you went on a date with will still have their profile listed on the member site.


It is in the form of


It is very difficult, but
According to what I heard,


According to the rules, it is prohibited to try to force a woman to leave the membership.
Even so, it seems like he's going to try to negotiate with her by saying, ``If you want to go out with me, you'll have to quit the club.''

It would be nice if the woman was convinced, but it may not be the case that dating with one person will be enough,
In fact, there are many people who only meet once a month or a few times,
However, once you clearly recognize it, it's like you wake up.
I know this, but there's a part of me that feels bad as soon as I see another man's shadow or smell,
So, I won't cancel your membership, but at least don't do anything that makes you smell like that during the date.
I can spend my time without it bothering me, so I don't let girls tell me about it, and I don't let clubs tell me about it either.
But I shouldn't have bothered to ask, but I asked the woman if there were others,
There is no answer, so if the woman answers, the man will ask, but the man will be disappointed, etc.



Anyway, there are pros and cons,

If it's displayed on the member site forever, I think it's active.
It would be embarrassing if I made a mistake and applied for a new date again.
It is better to disappear.If there is a man who says


I want to grasp the situation, and from the second time onwards, before we meet, I look at the profile and try to remember my preferences, so I want you to be able to see it forever.
A woman said she would do it only for me, but I wonder if she's really active, so I want to see her forever! etc


So, there are various people who have their own hopes,
On PATOLO, you will not be able to view the profiles of men and women with whom you have already dated.
Same with blocking.
The same applies if you leave.



Thank you very much for your understanding m(_ _)m

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