[Merchant] Introduction of BIZ Rich

Let me introduce "BIZ Rich" (Seki) There is no doubt that it will become a really nice club.

▼ Business days and hours
I want to respond in a timely and flexible manner.

▼Interview location
・ Basic face-to-face (offline) Location: Shimbashi office

▼ Shooting location, shooting method (tool)
・ Shooting at the office ・ Tool: Smartphone shooting

▼ Image taken by a woman

👆 I think that a woman who resembles this kind of atmosphere is quite suitable

▼Current number of members
・Men: About 10 people ・Women: From now on

▼ About the staff
Number of people: 3-4 Owner: Mr. Kei Miura Main business is running a system company. He is a man in his 40s who has the atmosphere of a neat businessman.All staff are men.

▽Appeal point

“Our club runs a professional consulting company as our core business.
As a result, membersAttorney at Law,Judicial scrivenerな どMainly male members of professionalIt will be.
When you hear about lawyers and judicial scriveners, there is a hard image,
There are many very unique and interesting people, and they are gentlemanly and responsive.
Female members, please enjoy your date with peace of mind. "

About the management policy of the club

→ Main provides services for lawyers and specializes in attracting high-income men

・ What kind of men are there (if not, are you looking for them?) 
→ Gentlemanly, common sense, intelligent person

・What kind of woman do you want to register?
→ Ordinary OLs, beautiful women, and those who work during the day are welcome.

・What kind of women do you not want to come back?
→Those who make a living only by living as a dad (professional pj) Those who cannot keep their promises

・ Mainly specialized in teens
→Specialized in 30s and 40s (male)

・Where would you like to focus your efforts in the future?
→ Increase the number of male members.When a woman comes to register,
I would like to reduce the setting fee considerably regardless of the difference in appearance, so that men can be satisfied with the lower price.

▽ Staff comment

Mr. BIZ Rich, a really neat club joined and entered.

Incredibly fast response, easy to contact, things go smoothlyIt's the club.Perhaps because we are developing a company for professionals, we have a unique connection with BIZ Rich.I have no experience in interviewing or registering women, so I think some people may feel a little uneasy, but it's the opposite.It is precisely because I have no experience that womenHow to "How can I not make you feel uncomfortable?"Please also think aboutTherefore, the profile (at the time of interview) to confirm with the woman,

I don't listen to digging roots and leaves,
own staff and theirWe have built a relationship of trust with our membersThere, and that.Men can also expand their personal connections, so if you register with this club,Could you introduce me with priority?
Thought or first

I want to increase the number of people smoothly without regard to profit

So I have a feeling that it will develop as a fairly conscientious club.If anything, it's a club that takes care of men's feelings (*^^*) It's a fresh club with a sense of trust and security.Please use it as a reference when registering.


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