[Beauty] Anti-aging cosmetic surgery report

Hello, I'm Yuna Seki, not a beauty influencer.The other day, she had a rare plan to go to a beauty clinic, so I will write about what I checked, what I actually did, and my impressions. (Sometimes I have to write useful information.)

????From application to the day

First of all, I have a regular clinic, and I was introduced by my sister because it is conscientious, there is no fishing advertisement, and the teacher is kind and good. (No referral benefits etc.) After that, it is the actual exchange.

And like this,for this month's bookingPreferred reservation date
all filled, the way it is.A very popular clinic.
Book 1-2 months in advance with plenty of timeIt is easier to make a reservation at the desired date and time if you do.another thing,It is divided into doctor's treatment and nurse's treatmentSo, there is a possibility that doctors are vacant, but nurse treatment menus are full.
There is a menu that I would like to have on _____.
It would be nice to suggest it in the form of A year ago, due to a shortage of staff (receptionist), I felt that I would not receive a reply unless I sent a reminder a few days later. I came to come.Since it is possible to exchange smoothly, there is no such thing as frustration because there is no prospect.

👆 I wasn't sure which one was better, a thread lift or a nasolabial fold, so I chose the following.
The impression of the clinic has improved once again because it is flexible to some extent and allows flexibility when the schedule does not match.I am very grateful for this day-ahead confirmation system that sends me the day-ahead confirmation the day before.the day before"Are you okay tomorrow? Are you free?"
and give me a reminder. People who have registered on LINE will also come to LINE, and they will also send you an email just in case.It is a very kind system and clinic.

In the case of cancellation, please let me know as soon as possible. I think.

▼On the day of your visit

I was immediately guided to the waiting room (individual booths separated by curtains), and about 10 minutes later, I was guided to the examination room.The teacher is the director who was in charge about a year and a half ago.I felt that she was rejuvenated even more because she tried various devices introduced.She is personable and answers even the most straightforward questions honestly.As for nasolabial folds, she was hitting it a year and a half ago, so the flow is smooth.put in last timeUltra Plus XC SeriesThis time because the stock was discontinuedVolif or Voluma of the bike cross serieschoose.

It was 1 yen because it was 49800cc.Thankfully, laughter is free unlike major clinics.I'm not very sensitive to pain, but since I had you do it last time, I asked you to feel the laughter.
"Do you want to do it again this time?"I kindly suggested that 🥺✨ (laughs) Which side do you think is more (depth)?I told him that I'm not particular about it, so please use the best that the teacher saw, and he put 0.5cc on the right and 0.45cc on the left.Where to stab

I'm bleeding a little, do you understand...!I'll put it in from here.As far as the pain is concerned, it's about as much as an intramuscular injection.The treatment itself is over in 5-10 minutes.

▽ Before and after

People often say that I don't stand out that much in the first place."Your nasolabial folds are really nice."The part that I thought I had to go soon because I was told.

After (immediately after treatment)
QuiteNo more nasolabial foldsDid you get the idea...! ?Swelling for 2-XNUMX days after that,Miniature SchnauzerIt temporarily became the outline of the atmosphere like, but the swelling is also pulled

It swelled and the flesh on the side became drooping temporarily.
The bottom arrow is where it was stabbed, the top arrow is where it was originally dented
I think it's pretty clean

Very satisfied!I'm going to write about thread lift and eyebrow art counseling again.

▼ After all, it's Hyaru for the nasolabial fold?thread lift?

For those who are only concerned about nasolabial folds, from a doctor's point of view
Thread lift is specialized for "holding" the current stateTherefore, even if it seems to rise temporarily,
After a few days, it will fall back to its original place.yes.Thread lift is rather

It is better to use it for ``prevention to prevent it from getting worse than the current situation'' rather than improvement.,is what they said.So nowI don't mind the slack, but I want to keep it in its current state.People who do lifts regularly

used for keepinghighly recommended for

It was said that it was a good menu.But this teacher

If you are worried about nasolabial folds
You can clearly see the effect of nasolabial folds.
(The thread lift is difficult to reach there (nasolabial fold)).I learned quite a bit.I'm pleasure to be of some help.Well then, that's all for the experiences I've received from the beauty menu.Please stay healthy from now on. (I'm writing a beauty blog as a trial to see if there is a change in the number of accesses.) Yuna Seki
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