[Actual experience manga] The second half of meeting with an old man using another company's app

Hello, this is Seki from PATOLO Support.

I'm writing this as Christmas is over (for the second time) and I didn't get anything.


This even though we are on winter vacation! ! !

(Make sure to write it down on a daily basis)


Yes, this time too

[Real experience manga] I met an old man using another company's app

The second half of the report follows.


I met up with my uncle.

What will happen...! ? ★













↓Summary (daily report)





How was it?♡♡♡

I'm not criticizing other companies because they are dad-activity apps ♡♡

I feel helpless and I don't want anyone to feel this way.


I fear that some women will succumb to pressure and pressure and get swept away.

That's because I thought so.


Women should be very careful in their activities so that they do not wear out their bodies and minds.

Please be careful in your activities.


Will this be the last post on the blog?

Have a good year.

Will you be patronizing PATOLO again this year? Thank you for doing this.

We look forward to working with you next year.


PATOLO support


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