June 12, 2024

[True story manga] I met an old man using another company's app 3

Hello, this is Seki from patolo support.

How are you all doing?



My goal for this term is


・Have PATOLO register via some kind of oseki account.

・Create a plan that will lead to new membership


And this

Creating a plan that leads to membership



Do it on a low budget, or rather, zero budget.

That's why I received my life,

I'm going to crawl, I understand, it's okay to do it...

Oseki Secretary,

P×PJ group date

I wish I could do it in this way.

We are currently adjusting our schedule and taking a survey.

Everyone, please look forward to it! !


Aim for new acquisition~~~~~~





Above is the content of what I do on a daily basis to visualize what I am doing to my bosses.

Now let's get to the point.


There was quite a response the other day.

In the series where we met on other companies' apps, what kind of interactions took place after that?

I will give you an after-action report (nothing was done, here I am talking about a face-to-face meeting).


👇Click here for the first half and second half👇


The first half of meeting with an uncle using another company's app

Part 2 of meeting an old man using another company's app


Well then, please







How was it?

Whatever you do, be selective about the people you meet.


Sometimes I see no

I'm tired more than anything

Take care of your mind, body, and time.


Have a nice weekend.

It was a cough.


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