[Real experience manga] I met an old man using another company's app

Hello, ๐ŸŽ„(Christmas) is over.

My name is Sekiyuna and I am a supporter of Patolo who is suffering from poor physical condition.



Even though I was not feeling well, I went to see him.

As staff members, we don't just follow the letter;

It is important for companies to deeply experience the feelings of women and men.

I wonder if it's not enough.

In the depths of the hearts of both father-active girls and uncles,

"There's no way a business owner can understand how we feel."

I think that's what you're thinking.


For the time being, I will take the lead in introducing women who are using apps to become fathers.

I think it's important to know firsthand anxiety, fear, hopes, expectations, etc.


And what kind of wording do you have to do to make them like it?

I would like to output whether it is possible to overcome this tough father-hunting market.

I am solemnly carrying out this project alone.


Well then, please











What will happen to your cough? ? ! ? ! ? !


Well, there are many different people.

Stay tuned for the next update!



Yuna Seki

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