App Verification Life ~ Will it be released in July? ? ~

Always I am indebted.
This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.

Once around March, the members of the PATOLO division worked hard to verify the app.


My most recent job is to write a request to an engineer, identifying problems that I find there and functions that I really want to implement at the time of release.


Today, Seki-san, who is also in charge of the web, entered the application that was scheduled to be used in the actual production and moved it while saying that it was not so.



This is the chat list screen, but the same person is displayed twice in the photo, so if I find something like this, I ask the system person (engineer?) to check it.





This is a map function that can be used when discussing meeting places via chat. It's in the flow.


By the way, the location on the map above is a suitable place, and I don't know where this is.



Although it is a work that requires a lot of time and effort,
I will continue to work to make good improvements while being careful not to exhaust my mind and body from looking at the screen too much.





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