[Chopstick rest 2] That older sister is also wearing a pikatsu (second half)

Second half.When I was writing on the plane, it turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, so I divided it into the first half and the second half 🥺Shun... Maidomaido, PATOLO support, I woke up during Obon (by the time it was uploaded) I have updated it.

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The details of the secret revealed 🥺✨

"My boyfriend is a business owner (blurred),
He often throws parties, do you call it a social gathering?”

Heh, I was impressed that there are people who live like that kind of aristocrat.

“Well, many of the people around me bring along people who are younger than my wife, um.”

law! ! ! ! ! ! !
Come on, come on! ! (Akashiya Mafu)

“So, when we meet each other quite often, we become acquainted with each other.”
"And if you're accepted, you'll be invited to the Mistress's Association lol."

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
What kind of world line is that?
For the time being, I wish I could be recognized
Who will be recognized in what field...?

Despite the fact that I also work in this special neighborhood,

"There's a strange world out there, isn't there?"

I muttered.

But what do you do when you meet your mistress?
I asked.

Go to a nice place to eat or have afnun
About the economic situation of each other, the current situation, the situation in the world, etc.
It seems that I will discuss and learn to say that.

?A professional mistress...isn't that the one you're talking about?

Is there something in return for a deep relationship?

For example money.House or Birkin.Here are the words that came back

"Huh? Do you get money when you go out with your boyfriend?"
“Well, they are generous with meals and anniversary gifts.”

"What I get out of dating him is not financial.
The foresight of his managerial environment, the talent and the intellectual part of his management.
I think what I can get is great for me now.”
Huh, huh! !
scary! !Consciousness! ! ! ! !Scary

And you don't give me money?Rub it! ! ! !

Rub it without a doubt!Torugana!


"That mistress Ken,Husband also approvedWhat is it?Say I'll see you soon,
Please tell me and I will see you off.picture?My husband is her husband and I love her.
What you get is different, or what you want is different.
You want your husband to have peace of mind at home, and you want him to have intellectual stimulation?"

It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
This is a relatively rare pattern, isn't it? ? ? ? ? ? ?

How does the husband feel when he sees his wife off? ?☆

Stubbornly, when it's not work or anything"mistress"I never thought I would hear that word.And then I thought, until just a little while ago, I was tracing a wonderful childhood summer memory, but now in 2023, this is the only summer memory that I can share! ?Ma! ? (young)When you grow up, the beautiful memories of your childhood will quickly disappear and become memories of cosmetic dermatology that leave an indescribable shock... I met people who knew things I didn't know.My child will someday enter puberty and the skin of his dick will peel off and he will become an adult, but at least I will make a lot of summer memories when I was a child. Even if you touch something sticky, it would be nice if you could leave a little bit of pureness and nostalgic feelings.

↑This is my impression Sky (Mark Now)🛩) I apologize from the bottom of my heart that the content of this column has turned into something like a column during the summer holidays.Cough Girlfriend Yuna-chan (cute for her age, cute for her age)
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