[Chopstick rest] That older sister is also wearing pikatsu

A story about being told a secret by a nurse at a certain cosmetic dermatology clinic




I hope you are enjoying the Obon festival. My name is Yuna Seki.
Are you all having a fun Obon?





In his childhood, he would gather at relatives' houses and play with his cousins ​​until they were charred black.
Swim during the day and eat watermelon with salt


(Some people seem to eat it with sugar or soy sauce in unusual places, but I don't know.)




In the evening, eat a feast prepared by grandma,



fireworks at night



I used to play until I was exhausted while looking sideways at Koro running around while barking.




Always before going to bed with cousins ​​close in age


"What are we going to eat tomorrow?"and why

"I'm going to have some bread with margarine and some coffee milk."

"Then I'll jam."



I remember having a conversation with



And I think those days were the most nostalgic and the most emotional in the summer I spent.


At the time, I couldn't even put it into words to express how emo I was.
I think it's clear now, that time was the best


Yes, it was the best summer I didn't have to think about



As for what I'm thinking about this year...


About a story with a nurse at a dermatologist!
Since it would be troublesome to identify the individual, the details of the dermatology department are somewhat vague.


It's definitely the one who is working on the beauty system.
I had the person take care of my skin.



As an aside, the treatment I receive at a cosmetic dermatologist is


・Pico toning (fractional)
・Excellent somehow (I didn't have an impression because it was only one time)





But the effect will change depending on the person who gets the treatment, it's completely different.



Well, leave that alone.


If someone likes to talk, I'll have a conversation with them when I have them do the sejutsu.
hmmWhat a human being on this side.




Basically, I talk about my views on love after I know the other person's values.
That reaction tells you whether you are currently in love or not.
You can see it quite clearly.




Among them, my story so so so?

People who ask me are in the same position as me, or people who have a little admiration.



People with a lot of inquisitive minds generally

There are many people who have a strong desire to explore romance, and often talk about romance.

I don't know.



As usual, we were talking...





"Actually, I have a boyfriend too."

That's why I dare say this.





You'll understand when you see it ahahaha




If you say so, please correct me properly because it is an interesting human being.



"No, I have a boyfriend apart from my husband."


"Oh, that's right, how old are you?"


"That's quite an age difference ... he's a man one turn older."



Heh, the occasional affair.

Is it really bright?




It was certainly hard to hear, but there seems to be a strange world.

what was it?

Is it okay to talk like that to a first-time patient?


You're as careless as I am!

So I will continue next time ⭐︎


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