[Survey] We asked about the things that are of interest to dads.

Hello, this is Sekiyuna from PATOLO support.

The survey is based on a manga.


Nowadays, it's not just a questionnaire about people's impressions of manga.

I want people who see it to understand, ``Wow, that's how other people do it.''

= I try to take surveys with content that will be helpful.


Then, post the survey as a pie chart on your blog...

How efficient!


If you don't do this, you won't be able to handle your cough anymore!

I have to go create the material for the manga, I have to get the official stuff going, I have to think of a plan...

If I don't make a list of things to do, my body will explode!



So, I will upload it as a summary.


Factors influencing regularization

She was a very beautiful and wonderful woman, but I was a little nervous about her way of inviting me in an adult way.

I ended up not regularizing it because it got cold.Based on the case of , assuming that appearance is a preference,

We conducted a survey to find out what factors are most directly connected to (or have an influence on) regularization.



I think some, or rather most, people agree, but all the elements are important.

We also received comments that since we have almost everything, it will lead to the next event and that it will become a regular event.

Personally, I think that for women, appearance and allowance amount are directly linked to their priorities.



Do dirty jokes affect development?

At certain times, I felt uncomfortable because of the dirty jokes, and when I was in a normal relationship, I started thinking about men in a certain way.

Why do I have to feel like this even though I was doing something nice when I felt a little cold, saying, ``I got caught up in dirty jokes and didn't follow up on anything''

Because of this, I was wondering if dirty jokes had an impact on my activities, so I took a survey.


The results are normal,It comes out in a bad way.

But for 26% of people, it depends on the person and the content = case by case.

There are people who have an unusual sense (talent) that 3% will turn out for the better, and each person is different.

I felt like I shouldn't lump them all together.


I think it depends on the content and character of the dirty jokes.

My personal favorite character is an old man character played by a woman.

"Huh? Tell me what you were trying to say."I like that type of thing.




When asked how much you want, what do you say?


This is a manga based on what I actually experienced at a face-to-face meeting.

Well, I'm also doing the research and preparing the story.

I feel like, ``I've never had money, but I know there's no good in being greedy.''

It's even more troublesome when someone mentions another woman. I can't answer without getting confused.


And as a certain paku said

I really sympathize with the comment, ``I wish there was an option to ask whether you would like to suggest an allowance amount or whether you would like someone to do it for you.''

Certainly, if you do that, people who don't want to make a proposal won't have to force themselves to do it, and you won't step on a minefield by someone who doesn't want to make a proposal.

I thought I'd really suggest it above.




As a result, half of the people suggested an amount each time.

The clearest and easiest to understand.

I also felt that people who were able to present their target amount and what they wanted to spend it on would be honest with others and would be easier to relate to.

And 39 people are going to get on board with saying that they don't need any more. I want you to be happy somehow.



If you are asked to take out as much money as you want from your wallet



This is also an experience.

I picked it up because I was curious about it, and it seemed like it might be helpful as a reference for what kind of mindset people are in.



I usually refused, but some people brought a lot of money, and some women withdrew double the amount.

I thought that perhaps a strong woman could survive after all.

Surprisingly, Oseki is timid and has a strong feeling that he cannot repay her in return, and in the end he is a weakling...



What is the ideal way to give your allowance?


On 3/20.21, I was invited to Osaka (I paid for the travel expenses...Meal 2₊Mystery 1) for a dinner party.

I was honestly surprised.

It is said that there really are men who are likely to become lovers.

We have a ff in common (I actually think of them as friends), and if we don't have a relationship, I'd like to meet him next time.

He was such an attractive man that I felt like contacting him personally. No, that's frustrating.


I was surprised that I, a person with such a strong core, could be able to fall in love with someone at this age.

I felt that I still had a lot of room to grow.

I don't think that I can steal other people's things or win people's hearts.

If I keep looking for new encounters, I might be able to fall in love, and I can feel the possibility that such a person exists.

It was a wonderful encounter.


I was surprised at how natural the shape I received was,

We conducted a survey to find out the ideal way to hand over allowances.



Enclosed in a gift bag, but won.

However, for some people, checking may be tedious or troublesome.

Regarding the face-to-face meeting, there were a certain number of people who preferred to be nude.



What did you think of this survey?

If there is any feedback, I would like to continue in the same direction.


I would appreciate any comments or reactions.

We look forward to your continued support next year.


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