I can't do it with a deficit!

We become indebted to.
This is Matsuzaka from the new type of matching "Investment Love" PATOLO business department (*^^*)



The cost for merchants is only 11000 yen per month for the account fee.


What are account fees?

・Member registration

・Chat with members and other clubs

・Coordination of sessions (dates)

etc. can be done with oneFees for accessing the administration page.


Since the account fee is free in the joining month and the following month, all sales are profitable.


Clubs that have joined from the opening will be charged an account fee from October, so if sales are 10 yen or less than 0 yen, they will be billed.

I can't do it with a deficit!

However, for now, it seems that any member store can afford to not worry about account fees.




The photo is Pudding a la Mode from Seibu Cafe Coffee in Shinjuku.

I heard that the store will be closed (relocated?) on August 8st.

I can't do it with a deficit!

It seems to be a building reconstruction, not something.

I was sad and out of focus with the appearance of customers who regretted closing the store and the atmosphere of the store.

I think I can make it myself, so if I want to eat it, I would like to see this picture and try it (*^^*)

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