Should I say when my body is not compatible?Should I hold back?

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Should I say when my body is not compatible?Should I hold back?

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In conclusion, if you can endure it, you can endure it.


Although I said "patienceI feel like the relationship has broken down a bit when I'm doing this, but I think the degree varies depending on the person and the situation, so I dared to write it this way.


If you can process it within yourself by changing your way of thinking and perspective a little, if there is something you can get by doing so,I think that's all there is to it.


Hearing this,No, it's hard to hold back.I think that people who want to push it into it are so disgusting that they can't stand it, soI think it's better not to hold back.


Unfortunately, I think the relationship is coming to an end.sooner or later.If one of you is in a painful relationship, the longer it lasts, the more painful it will be, so I think it will be happier when it ends.


If you feel that it is within the range that you can endure and that what you can get by enduring is greater, that is also an option.


"what you get"When"element of enduranceIt may be one of the ways to make a decision by weighing ".


"What you get" usually includes thank you for your support, pocket money, shopping, and meals at restaurants that you can't go by yourself. I don't think so.


If you can see what you can get, including other follow-ups, and compare it with the degree of dissatisfaction, you can get it.If so, I think it's okay to continue the relationship.


However, for better or worse, the situation is constantly changing, so it seems necessary to reassess it periodically.


I don't think I have to say it, but I think it's difficult to continue a relationship.


Mostly in normal love and relationshipsIt's not good to speak too straightI think that there are not many cases.of courseIf you don't say it straight, you may not be able to convey itBecause,really need to tryI think


If it's not a good match,do not continue the relationship"If you've already decided on something, I don't think you need to bother pointing it out.


If you ask me why, I might give you a hint, but even if you don't give me a specific reason, say something like, "I thought it wouldn't be a good fit for you." I think there is also a possibility that the schedule will not match for some reason and we will not be in touch with each other, and there will be cases where it fades out.


*Ignoring messages even though they are coming is likely to cause trouble, so I think it's better to stop.


This time, there is no premise of the type of incompatibility of the body itself, or what kind of incompatibility it is, so we are simply talking about what to do in such a case, but specific consultations are available at Universe Club.Anonymous Question BoxBut I was flying around, so if you are interested, please refer to it.



reference:I have a dad who touches my nipples for about 10 minutes when dating an adult.



"pain” accompanied by (It's not like he's being hurt on purpose.) cannot be stopped unless the other party notices, so I think it is better to say that you are in pain, even if it is just something like "It hurts!".


If you can't understand that, I think it's difficult to continue the relationship.
Incompatibility is not limited to the body, it is the same in personality and way of thinking.It's okay as long as we can come close to each other to some extentAlthough there may be cases where


one time"do not meet”, I think that it is quite difficult because only the parts that do not match will start to be noticed.




This time,"Should I say when my body is not compatible?Should I hold back?How was it?


I want to continue to get "what I can get", but I want to get rid of the "element of endurance".


I think there are such opinions, but basically it seems that it is necessary to make a decision at some point.


"If you take all the measures you can think of and it doesn't work, give up.It might be a good idea to make a decision like " and try it out.


Unexpectedly, I think there is a possibility that we can improve and build a good relationship.


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