Can humans and “AI” fall in love? ? let's think. The future of AI girlfriends and AI boyfriends

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Can humans and “AI” fall in love? ? The future of AI girlfriends and AI boyfriends


I would like to proceed with the topic.


The other day, I mentioned New R25's EZ New R25.





Then, what caught my eye was


It was "Tapple's AI girlfriend".


When I looked at the official website, I found the following statement:


AI in love

This is an experiment.
Humans and “AI”
Can you fall in love?
in the near future.

Humans and “AI”
Is it possible to fall in love?
Humans understand “AI”
Is there a possibility that you will like it?
Humans and “AI”
Is there a possibility that they will become a couple?
What percentage is it?

We still have
I don't know the answer.
Check it out for yourself.

AI in love



So that's it.


It's an experiment.




What is love? You can't talk about love with AI unless you think about it first.



When it comes to erotic stories, I feel like it's for boys, but when it comes to romance, AI boyfriends for women seem to be more popular.


(I'm talking about saying something selfish when you're not even using it.)


This is because I think women are often more sensitive to subtle words, vocabulary, and expressions.



There are many different ways to ask or convey the same thing, such as the way you convey it, the tone of your voice, the volume of your voice, and the timing.


I feel like women have higher demands on me, and if I find a man who is considerate and able to meet those high demands, I think he might be a good person. I feel like that's what I think.


The AI ​​is smart in that regard, or rather, as the woman makes requests to the AI ​​and continues to interact with it, the AI ​​learns through deep learning and develops the image of the person the user is looking for.




I think women may have a stronger feeling of wanting to contact someone or having someone listen to them when they're feeling lonely or having a hard time.

(Sorry for the random image)


It seems like it would be good to have more than one AI for boyfriend chat, so prepare a few characters with slightly different hair colors and have them chat with you depending on your mood at the time.



In addition to text input, you can also communicate through voice and video calls.




Although it's a story about an AI girlfriend, most people are talking about an AI boyfriend, but it would be even better if the immersion could be further enhanced.





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