June 01, 2023

Can AI become love? Does PAPA have love?

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We are continuing the ChatGPT series.


As for why I continue,
I suddenly had a thought, so I asked AI various questions.



Now, I asked the AI ​​the following questions.

"Where does human sexual desire come from?
Why is there such a thing?'




I got an answer like this.

Human sexual desire is attributed to the combined influence of biological instincts and psychological and social factors.

Biologically, sexual desire is considered an instinctive desire for reproduction.
Humans need to pass on their genes for the survival of the species, and sexual relationships are essential to that end.

On the other hand, psychological and social factors are said to be influenced by culture, social environment, personal experiences and life events.For example, sexual desire is said to be affected by knowledge and experience of sexuality, sexual images and stimuli, and social and cultural values ​​regarding sexual relationships.

Sexual desire can also arise for other purposes, such as stress relief and expression of affection.Since the generation of sexual desire and the needs for it differ depending on the individual, it is believed that these factors are intricately intertwined to create human sexual desire.


It's a place where you can understand and you don't understand, but I asked this kind of thing in addition.


"What does it mean to love someone?'
The answer was something like this.

When a person likes another person, it means that he or she has liking, affection, and interest in that person, and desires to interact and have a relationship with that person.Specifically, you may enjoy being with that person, want to spend more time together, or wish for good things for the other person.

The reasons why people like other people are different for each person, and can be influenced by appearance, personality, behavior, language, values, hobbies, common experiences and backgrounds.Also, liking and affection can change over time, and you may fall in love with someone you were initially interested in later.

Loving people is a common expression in romantic relationships, but similar feelings can also be present in friendships, family love, pets and hobbies, occupations and activities.


So that's it.
Like I understand, like I don't understand.


That's right.
Based on the information posted on the Internet in the past, the AI ​​judges and returns the answer, so it outputs the essence of the content posted by humans in the past, which is the correct answer for many people. Since it is such an answer, there is no way to give a pinpoint situation or an answer for that person.



Please let me continue just one more time.


Next time, I would like to post the answer I asked about dad activities and my thoughts through all the interactions so far.

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