[Select] PATOLO avatar icon setting request

Hello, this is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.



Yes, I was planning to upload the blog on ㈫ (day of the week)

While thinking that I have to go

Every day I drew an uncle for avatars in a hurry, thinking that I had to finish one first.




About the importance of setting a profile picture, my former boss, Oda

I explained it in the article 👇

Link: If you are using PATOLO effectively, don't forget your profile and photos.


Have you read it?

Rabbits can say that


・It is easier to see if you have a profile picture

= interested, easy to be interested


That means 🥺

So, even if you don't post a picture, it's OK at worst,


For the time being, there is no image (the state of being empty) is a little lacking in humanity,

Since there is a possibility of being distrusted, anything is fine, so use an avatar (icon image)

We recommend setting it up!



After that, the illustration of the uncle's avatar icon

I'm letting you draw




There are various genres of uncles

``I can't cover all the uncle genres with 20 types at all.''

That's my honest impression.





simple frame

It's a basic one that anyone can use.


Slightly peculiar frame

・For those who don't want to be too naive but don't want to be too naive. ↓From above

🌷Fresh-headed playful uncle

🌻Stylish uncle with shining sense

🥀Where did you reincarnate from?!

😎 If Tajima (former UNIVA staff member) grows hair, uncle



real wind frame




This is recommended for those who want to have a little image of what kind of attribute they are.

👇 First row, from left to right

🌻 Gentle Responsible Uncle

🌹 Uncle Chaki who seems to be punctual

🌼 A free-spirited uncle who seems to be working in a galley

🌺 Uncle who seems to have everything

👇Second row from left

🐽 Uncle Shimofuri 30 Years Later

🥀He is cheerful and doesn't seem to care about details


professional frame

👇Recommended for those who want to promote their profession

(I think this series has to increase more)

👓 doctor


A slightly different Ze frame


👇 My hand moved on its own, so please use someone who looks like me

💛 Uncle Skinhead

☔Uncle with a dark face

😀 Chief during the day, night… ♡ Naojisama

💚What Do You Mean?OHHHuncle who seems to say




Here's something that doesn't make women uncomfortable and can bring out their personality

It is a form of adding.


I'm not kidding, I'm serious!


I don't think it's all about uncles who fit into this genre.

I hope to be able to draw more depending on your request.


Thank you for reading.



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