A total of XNUMX member stores will be able to participate.

At the moment, a total of XNUMX member stores can participate.

* Excluding Universe Club

Thank you very much!





As a member of the management side, I will continue to make efforts to ensure that the matching business of member stores runs smoothly.


In addition, we will strive to be a good place for male and female users belonging to each member store.


We sincerely hope that it will lead to a safe and comfortable matching.
Thank you for taking care of your partner, both men and women.


Currently, the progress of the app is reaching a climax, and I hear that development such as improvements and additional functions will continue after the release, but first of all, it will be meaningless if the basic matching function does not function properly. There is no such thing, so we continue to adjust it until the very end.


On the other hand, the deadline for free membership fees that can be proposed to member stores is approaching the end of March this month and about 3 days.


You will need an account fee of about 1 yen per month, but there is no other financial risk, so if you are interested in using it even if it is just a trial, please contact us as soon as possible. .


An interview and membership procedures are required for membership, so we are looking forward to your application as soon as possible.


We hope that we will be able to provide information on how to use PATOLO to the member stores that have joined us, so please wait for a while.


Thank you very much for your continued support.Oda

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