[Manga] Strengths of Elderly P


Hello, this is Yuna Seki from PATOLO, who is currently making waves.

Both elderly people and people who are generally said to require nursing care.

Are you enjoying being a dad?


I hope you enjoy it.


Today I actually asked a woman at an event

What kind of P, what kind of content, and how much does it cost? ?

It is a series (if there is no response, it will be finished once).


Basically, the P generation of dads are in their 40s and 50s.

Although it is a mainstream image,

Lately, I've been hearing from people in their late 60s and 70s.


As a woman in her 20s, the age difference is quite large.

To be honest, I have avoided it,

There are many people who say that they are not yet ready to take on the challenge of being an adult.

I think the majority.



The reason is simply because of his geriatric facial features and body.

So he overlapped with his own grandfather.

I don't want to be a dad anymore! ?Is it nursing care? ?

I hear you say that this will happen.


However, it is said that grandfathers have their own good points as well.

I also received your feedback the other day.

I made it into a manga, so please take a look.











What do you think?

A man who is quite old



Some people say,

Personally, there is a part of me that agrees that this may indeed be the case.


People who don't want to move forward with their surroundings

On the other hand, a chance to grab the gold (?)That means that


You don't have to compromise, but

As long as you think it's okay to change, even if you change direction gracefully.

It might be good🥺✨


Let's enjoy the weekend ❤︎


Yuna Seki

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