Why don't you run it instead of doing it?

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"Investment romance PATOLOAtSystem,Material creationThis is Yukina Takeuchi, who is in charge of .

From this year, we will newlySalesI will also be in charge!

While I have a feeling that I will continue to work hard
I've always loved serving customers, and I can't wait to think that I'll finally be able to emphasize the appeal of PATOLO myself!

I have been meeting and contacting members for many years as a member of the dating club, but I have almost no contact with other clubs...

I wonder what kind of person is running it 🥺
I am calling you with the feeling of a woman looking for a registration destination.

From this week, I started talking to clubs,
I immediately had a briefing (interview) on the business content online yesterday.

I have heard that even though you are struggling to attract customers, you have a firm grasp of the wishes and characteristics of each woman, and are working hard to find the best way to provide as many good encounters as possible. I received a good stimulation.

In this interview
・It is very attractive that the cost borne by the member store is low and the profit margin is high
・Since taking pictures of women is a bottleneck, I would be happy if I could request a photo shoot.
We received your comments/suggestions.

Regarding the breakdown of expenses and profits, we have completed the PATOLO business introduction page for member stores.please use this form.I would be happy if you could see it!

As stated on the site, PATOLO membership conditionsThere is no size of affiliated members.

You can start with just one staff member,
Although it is extreme, even if there is only one member of your store,
Just by registering with PATOLO, the range of settings will be greatly expanded.

Of course, there is an examination for member store registration,
Even if the club is not operated as a companyIt is possible to apply (even if you are not a corporation).

I want to live as a dad around!If you have a lot of connections, please take a look at the site once 🌸

"Until now, I've been working as a dad, but from now on, I want to support other people's P activities!" ?I feel.

We are looking forward to new relationships!
If you are interested, please feel free to contact Takeuchi♪

PATOLO Business Department Various Responsible
Yukina Takeuchi

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