What is AG?A thorough explanation of the existence of agents!

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This time"Agent"I would like to talk about

AgentAndPATOLOCoordination of matching among companies that operate dating clubs and matching apps that are affiliated with, and other organizations that operate matching businessesperson in charge, staffIt becomes. ※ifSupporter(male member),talentInstead of registering as a (female member),MerchantIf you would like to join as a member, we will provide detailed information at a separate free briefing session, so please feel free to contact us.
Individuals may be able to join if they meet the requirements, but in the case of Tokyo, for example, it is always necessary to submit a notification based on the date club ordinance, so details will be provided during the free briefing session and interview. I would appreciate it if you could consult me ​​while visiting. PATOLO does not directly handle the enrollment and registration of supporters (male members) and talents (female members).To become a PATOLO member, you must first go through an interview at a participating store before you can begin using the service. Matching at PATOLO is great "Four-terminal" typenice to meet youauto settingorder settingThere is. auto settingI think that it is easy to imagine for those who have used the matching app, but supporters (male members) and talents (female members)A method in which the two of you exchange messages directly to coordinate the schedule and meeting place.. Chat within PATOLOSince it is now possible, you can exchange in this.Depending on other matching apps, there are cases where the message itself is charged, such as how many points are consumed for each message sent.PATOLO does not charge for exchanging messages.It becomes.Once you have decided on the date, time, and meeting place, please have your supporters apply for a date.If the talent approves, the date will be confirmedThis means that when you confirm the date, you will be required to pay the PATOLO usage fee (men's setting fee), female setting fee, female transportation fee, etc.After that, I would like you to meet up on the day of the event and get a feel for each other over tea or a meal.In case of auto setting, no agent will appear at all.Everything will proceed through interaction between members.but,order settingIt's different.An agent will be in touch to arrange the schedule.There are agents for both supporters (male members) and talent (female members).Of course, there are cases where both agents are the same agent (almost synonymous with affiliated stores).By the way, the agentAGIt is sometimes abbreviated asWhen making an offer, supporters can choose to either request adjustment from the agent of the franchisee they are affiliated with, or request adjustment from the agent the talent is affiliated with. Masu.If you make a request to an agent, we will contact the talent (female member) via the agent using the chat function within PATOLO to confirm the availability of the talent (female member).Coordination will be done by the agent, who will ask the supporter's convenience in advance, and if the woman is inconvenient, we will make another proposal or assist in adjusting the schedule. Masu.Although it requires an additional agent usage fee than automatic setting, I think it is advantageous for those who want to leave the scheduling to them.The agent's usage fee is called the agent fee.The fee required for order date isPATOLO usage fee,Female setting fee,agent fee,Women's transportation expenses. Payment will be made within PATOLO when the date is decided.. PATOLO usage fee is the fee that men receive each time they use PATOLO for a date.The female setting fee is the fee required for the setting set by the member store for each woman.The agent fee is the fee set for each member store in the case of an order date where an agent intervenes to adjust the schedule.Transportation expenses for women are the minimum necessary expenses set by the woman herself.In addition, if you have a feeling with the other woman and you decide to develop a relationship or continue to support her in the future,I hope that the two of you will discuss the conditions of support and decide together..I think the information regarding fees is very important, so I would like to discuss it again from a different angle.I look forward to working with you. Back to list >