June 05, 2023

2023 Dad life ends

🎍 Happy New Year 🎍

During the year-end cleaning, I slipped and hit my hip
It fluttered in the air like a cartoon.PATOLOThis is Yukina Takeuchi from the Business Department👼

Since it fell at the end of the year, it will only rise this year🏄! !

I would like to make a leap year with PATOLO🐇

We started with an impressive title, but in 2023 "Daddy’ era is over.

New with PATOLO

investment love

The values ​​​​that will be born and will become mainstream! (desire)

In the first place, the word “Papa-katsu” was coined by our representative, but while it became a boom and was recognized by everyone in the world, it was also interpreted in a meaning that was not originally intended.

Men give financial support to women

This is certainly true.

However, that does not mean that men are in a position of superiority.I am paying for it.”We don't want a relationship with that kind of thinking.

men are attracted to womeninvestmentdo

women say dating menreturnrespond with

The attractiveness and return here are different for each person, but the representative once talked about crowdfunding as an example.

Crowdfunding is not a relationship in which the originator or the supporter is superior.Support is provided with the desire to support talent, and the drafter receives that feeling and provides the finished goods and services.

PATOLO also wants to idealize such an equal relationship between men and women

investment love

Such a wish is also included in the word.

Dating clubs are not 100% safe, but rather than risky encounters on social media or apps,Investment romance PATOLOin a safe environment throughIf you can connect as many wonderful relationships as possibleI really think about it.

For that reason, we will do our best to prepare for the release this year!

So please, please, everyone,investment lovePlease spread the word! (Voice of heart)

Thank you for your continued support of PATOLO and Takeuchi this year.

Investment love PATOLO business department
Yukina Takeuchi

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