My name is Oda, and I am in charge of PATOLO promotion.

Thank you for your help.

PATOLOMy name is Oda, and I am in charge of promotion.


Like Seki, I was also a former coordinator of the Universe Club.

From now on, thisinvestment loveWe will do our best to help you with the concept of “Male and Female Matching”.

Thank you very much for your continued support.


PATOLOwhat is

I think everyone probably thinks so.

To tell you concisely


"men and women matching service”.

The name of this service isPATOLO” (pronounced as Patro).


・Is it a popular matching app?

・So-called dad app?


Actually, PATOLO is not an app.

It will be used in a web browser.

However, it is not a format like a dating club where staff members enter and help with schedule adjustments, but like a matching app, members exchange messages and proceed with the story. is possible.

*By the way, PATOLO can also ask a person in charge called an “agent” to make adjustments, so you can choose either a setting method like a dating club or an adjustment method like an app, depending on your preference and desire.I will explain the comparison on another occasion.


So, from a former dating club staff, it feels like an app.

In terms of whether it's an app or not, it's not exactly an app because it's not the type that you download from the App Store or Google Play.


However, since it is an application that runs on the web, it is a web application, so I think it is probably not a mistake to call it an application.


Well, it doesn't matter if it's an app or not for those who see it.

excuse me.


Although PATOLO is a matching service for men and women,marriage"or"Serious datingIt is not a goal setting for ”.

A man who supportsSupporter) and women who want support (talent) will be matched.


There is no problem if you think of it as a dad activity app, but it is a concept that cannot be removed.investment loveThere is a way of thinking.


investment loveI will quote from the official HP about the explanation of


”Investment love is a new form of encounter proposed by Patro. Just as JP Morgan, the CEO of a global securities company, answered a 25-year-old beautiful woman, marriage is a long-term shareholding, and love is a short-term shareholding. Like crowdfunding, investment romance is a patron-like relationship in which the talent presents its potential and the supporters invest in the talent."


That's what it says.

Talent here refers to women, and supporters refer to men.

It is difficult to explain what the return is, but I think that one of the several is "healing".


In fact, behind the launch of this new concept is "Improving the status of women” is included in the thought.


Although it is not limited to male-female relationships, it seems that there are times when a woman on the side of being supported is unable to say anything because of the man who is supporting her.

Of course, not all of them are like that, and I think there are many people who maintain a good relationship with each other.


On the other hand, aside from the actual relationship, it seems that there are people in the world who have the image that the paying party is overwhelmingly great.

Is it possible to dispel such an image and create a world where people can talk on equal footing?

Such a wish is also filled with a close feeling.


"Is it really a dad life?"


Maybe so.

However, I don't think that means that the current situation is good.


I would like to pursue my ideals so that I don't become kind only to men or kind only to women.

Thank you very much for your continued support. Back to list >