June 2024, 07

June 6th (Mon): Three profile photos of Rino Kato (24) have been added.

■S or M: M
■ Preferred date location (area): Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa
■ Preferred date time: Thursday, Sunday after noon
■ Favorite food: Meat
■ Favorite drinks: Sweet drinks, cocktails, sours, etc.
■Smoking status: I do not smoke
■ Personality: People often say I'm a bit of an airhead.
■ Favorite play: I like toys and being teased

■ Desired relationship
Lover △
Marriage △
Casual SM partner 〇
Adultery 〇

■Comment from the artist

Nice to meet you♡
I'm interested in SM, but it's a difficult hurdle to overcome on my own, so I decided to register.
I want to do lots of different things together and feel good...♡
I have a lot of interests, so I'd like to hang out with a gentleman who is a sadist and will kindly respond to them. I look forward to meeting you.

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