Membership fee of 100 million yen will be lost at the end of this month

PATOLO is finally about to start.
Always I am indebted.
My name is Oda, and I am in charge of promotion.

This time, rather than posting on the theme,
I'll try to post about my current progress.

Thanks to you, apart from Universe ClubWe were able to have five corporations and individuals join us.
Thank you very much.

When the time comes to introduce the name of the member store in the future, I would like to let you know again.


In addition, Since last fall, I have been able to interview a total of 30 people.
Thank you very much.

There are various circumstances,Dating clubs that are reluctant to join due to problems such as differences in management methods and rulesOr, the person in charge who participated in the interview,Settlement is difficult because the president and owner are separateThere was also a case.


If anyone is hesitating to join,Considering the membership fee, I would like you to try it out for just one year and use it with almost no financial risk, and then decide whether it is necessary or not. We believe.


Of course, if it is decided that no matter what happens, I will never join, so I think there is no need to hesitate, so I hope that the industry as a whole will develop while each of them develops.


If you haven't had an interview yet, we recommend that you first make an appointment for an interview if you are even slightly interested.


This is because an interview is required for joining, and if you want to join,Membership fee of 100 million yen + consumption tax will be exempted until the end of March this monthTherefore, there is a possibility that we may not be able to make it in time if the schedule is tight.


This is a great opportunity, so if you would like to obtain even a little information, please feel free to request the materials.


Document requests are accepted from the following URL.

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Person in charge: Oda

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