June 10, 2023

One month has passed since the pre-opening.

This is Mitsui from PATOLO support!


One month has already passed since the release of PATOLO.In this short period of time, many people used PATOLO and received a lot of valuable feedback and opinions.


These voices are very important to us,It will be a great reference for the evolution and improvement of PATOLO! !




We've been working on adding new features and improving existing features based on your feedback.


We work together as a team to address requests and improvements, and strive to provide services that are easier to use, more convenient, and more valuable.


We would love to hear your thoughts, no matter how trivial.



Participating stores that support PATOLO are very proactive, and they are working together to make PATOLO even more exciting!

(We are also looking for new affiliated stores (^^)/)



㊙In the future, the membership site may become more beautiful and easier to see...! ! ? ?

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