A member store briefing session was held in Kansai!

Thank you for visiting my blog⛄
I'm Yukina Takeuchi from the PATOLO Division, who loves suits.

It's not an exaggeration to say that suits are my favorite type of clothing for men.

There are many women who like the gesture of loosening their ties👔
Personally, I want to unbutton a clean shirt rather than a tie...

When I was interviewing men for joining the Universe Club, I saw a lot of nice clothes.This was about 6 years ago...

Also, I myself had no chance to wear a suit because I was working from home, but I suddenly had to go to an interview with a member store on my behalf, so I hurriedly pulled it out from the back of the closet.

At PATOLO, I'm mainly in charge of creating materials and checking the system, so this is a good way to hand over business cards, right?While reviewing the super elementary manners, I went in a ticking state 😂

This timeKansaiI met with a representative of a dating club in

Handsome! ! !

And he is a very nice person who creates an atmosphere that is polite, friendly and easy to talk to.A wonderful club that values ​​the member's point of viewBut there was.

"I want to offer as many offers as possible to women who have registered with me."We believe that the PATOLO system can meet the club's desire!

I think that the members of the Universe Club, which our company operates, also feel that the offer is biased so much that if you try to search for "universe", the search candidate "no offer" will come up 😭💦

In fact, there are quite a few women who get zero offers for a month after registration, and on the contrary, there are some women who have more than 10 offers in a month and find it difficult to plan.

PATOLO plans to register many dating clubs, app operators, and various “affiliated stores” such as individual referrals, so you will have more chances to meet than if you only registered with one club. spreads out.

In addition, PATOLO allows members to exchange messages freely, so you can appeal yourself, and as a new attempt, you can also make offers from women!

Instead of just waiting for an offer, you can go and grab a date yourself 💗

So, I am very happy to receive a positive reply from the club I met this time✨

If you are a woman reading this blog and want to register as PATOLO at the dating club with the handsome staff mentioned in the blog, please feel free to contact Takeuchi😆

And if there are people who are interested as a member store, I would be happy if you could contact me if you would like to have an interview ✨ If you are in Kansai or online, please let me take care of you 😊

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Yukina Takeuchi

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