Ever wanted to invest in someone else's talent? PATOLO makes it possible.

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Ever wanted to invest in someone else's talent? PATOLO makes it possible.

A woman who thinks she's beautiful, a woman who thinks she likes is just that."Talent"it might be.

For men who have reached a certain age, what they think about is what they should do so that they won't regret it before they die.I have heard that.

Of course, the family will not be destroyed.

But at that timeyouth again.

Shouldn't we think like that?

It is a difficult problem.

Perhaps if you ask someone close to you, they will definitely deny it.

It's not necessarily a relationship that involves sex, but for example, if you're a woman, no matter how old you are, you'll always have someone you love, right?

Even women support handsome guys for eye candy.

Putting aside whether or not I usually show my feelings openly, I feel that it is not good for my mental health to be denied even that I want to bloom even more.

And I think that one of the big problems that humans face is how to deal with such a problem that is not easy for someone to listen to.

Sometimes in the news, there are stories like "husband widowed", and I certainly feel sorry for him, but in the truest sense, I completely stand in the position of this widowed husband. I can't sympathize with the sadness.

I don't want to say that I should sympathize, but I'm listening because I don't have the experience of losing my wife, so I can only understand it at an imaginary level.

However, perhaps this “husband who lost his wife” himself is still painful.

I see people who have a negative stance on matching older men and younger women, but that's just one opinion, so I'm not going to fight it, but behind the hopes and desires to meet, there are some circumstances and circumstances. I think it may have some background.

There are some people on Twitter who say things like "I'm an old man on a date" and do things that are active as dads, but what they say and what they do are strange.

If you really don't like it, you're going to go crazy if you don't stop early.

I am denying myself.

I really like it, but is it a statement that I care about my appearance?

I actually like it, but there are people who deny it.

A nice person is a nice person.

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Ever wanted to invest in someone else's talent? PATOLO makes it possible.

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