-For men- For 1 yen a month, you may be able to meet a woman at a high-end club.


This is Natsume Yanase from the PATOLO Division.

After all, what's good about PATOLO?I'm talking about

From a male point of view

・Those who use the app
・Those who are members of dating clubs
・Those who are not doing anything right now and are just starting

You may be able to meet the highest level woman for 1 yen a monthThat's what it means.

Oh, of course you don't need only 1 yen a month,
You can find it for 1 yen per month.

The app is cheap and easy, but it flew when we met...
I think everyone has the experience of having a child who is completely different from the picture 🥺
Dating clubs can introduce you to as many women as you like
The price is going up...🥺

AndIf it's PATOLO▽

Since it is a monthly fee, you can contract only for the month you use it!
You can talk to women directly, so no unnecessary adjustment fees!
Interview confirmed!I can meet you in peace!

You can choose from women all over the country, so even when you go on a business trip!
Since it is updated every day, you can find the woman you absolutely love!

An interview is required to join PATOLO,
It is OK even if you just join PATOLO.

For example, even if you interview at a branch of Universe
It's OK if you tell me that only PATOLO will enter ♪

There is still time until the start of next April

I would be happy if you could look forward to it✨

PATOLO Division

Yanase Natsume

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