We will guide you through the process from application to admission.

Thank you for your help. I'm Oda, in charge of PATOLO promotion.

Flow from application to admission

To use PATOLO, just register on the site and start using it!It is not in the form ofIt is necessary to undergo interviews and interviews conducted at member stores such as dating clubs and other corporations that are affiliated with PATOLO. During the interview, we will confirm your identity, such as confirming your ID, explain the terms of use, and ask you some questions about your profile.In the case of women, there is also a photo shoot. After such an interview, you can start using PATOLO.

To apply, please apply directly to each member store, or select the desired member store from the PATOLO official website and contact us. We will get back to you by email.


We will check the reservation frame and make a reservation while asking about your desired date and time.

On the day of the interview, please come to the office of the affiliated store and the staff in charge will handle the interview.


Please understand that we may refuse your registration in some cases, as we are conducting screenings such as whether you have a criminal record in the past.


In addition, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the facility, so please prepare and bring an original photo ID such as a driver's license, My Number card, or passport.


I don't think so, but in order to prevent legal violations and crimes, please do not use other people's ID cards or forged ID cards.


It may be a little different depending on the affiliated store in charge of the interview, but I think the interview will be completed in about an hour.

The time for taking photos and videos tends to go back and forth, so if possible, I would appreciate it if you could adjust the schedule with plenty of time.

If there is a reason that you cannot go without finishing on time, if you can consult us in advance, we will be conscious of staying within the time and will respond, or we will adjust it again on another day , come again on a day when you have timeIf you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.




Check the PATOLO member store

Apply by nominating a member store from the PATOLO member store HP or PATOLO official website.

A person in charge of the affiliated store you nominated will contact you.

We will consult with you about the interview schedule and accept reservations.

On the day of the interview interview, the staff in charge will interview you at the office of the member store.

Present your ID, explain the terms and conditions, and ask for necessary information.Women take pictures.

The person in charge of the affiliated store will explain whether or not you can join, and if you become a member, you will be issued an account and information.

You will be able to use PATOLO and contact the opposite sex.



If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or various PATOLO official SNS accounts, and we will reply as soon as we confirm it.


Thank you very much for your continued support.Oda Back to list >