Things I kept in mind after joining the company as a new graduate

Always I am indebted!

This is Mitsui from the PATOLO Division.


This time, Mitsui, who is in his second year as a new graduate, will briefly talk about what he kept in mind after joining the company as a new graduate.



There are three things I kept in mind!


The first is "imitation."

He's a kid who doesn't even know the ``sha'' character of working people, so he doesn't have his own style and just imitates him.

Imitate your boss and start from there.“My style”We will derive it as follows.

I remember feeling happy when an employee who joined the company at the same time as a new graduate told me, ``You look a lot like Mr. ○○.''




The second is to take the initiative in doing chores.

This doesn't mean you should work long hours or work overtime, but I think it's okay to do small things.

I think it's enough to clean the office to keep it clean, or be the first one out when the office bell rings.

While continuing to do this,slightly bigger jobYou may be able to be entrusted with the task by your boss.




The third thing is to "make an appeal."

If you belong to a company, you will be ``evaluated'' by others, whether good or bad.

However, no matter how much effort you put into receiving an evaluation, it will be meaningless if it is not conveyed to your company or superiors.

Rather than blindly making efforts,"strength"If you find and emphasize that,

I'm sure you'll get a good evaluation.





I have been conscious of these three things since I joined the company!

I think it's okay to keep in mind the same things as me, butnot aware of anythingI think it's a waste!


I am still a “Hiranohira no Hiranohira employee”, so let’s do our best together 👌





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