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This time

I would like to touch on the existence of people who are not for dating, which is a problem for men who use matching apps.

A little while ago, there was news that the famous manufacturer Amway was ordered to suspend operations.

It seems that people who solicit Amway members were doing sales activities using matching apps.

When soliciting, it seems to be a rule that you have to explain the purpose etc. in advance before entering into business negotiations, but without such an explanation, for example, a matching app can be used as a way to meet people. It seems that it was a form of making an appointment to meet under the guise and suddenly entering the solicitation story when meeting.

For more information, please check the news, etc.

I think it's unfortunate that people who use the service to meet people waste their time, money, and effort.

The existence of people who hide their purpose other than meeting and try to contact and make an appointment under the guise of wanting to meet within a service for the purpose of dating or romance is a very annoying existence. I have to say.

Not only for Amway, but for the purpose of soliciting business,

In addition, it seems that there are some people in the world who are aiming for fraud.

It seems that there are people who sell sexual services, such as those who are called support delivery companies.

Is it possible to avoid these annoying people?

It may not be possible to prevent it completely, but in the case of a dating app, it seems that there is a reporting function within the app, feedback after dating, and a check system such as monitoring by the app management side to eliminate it as soon as it is found.

In the case of dating clubs, in addition to checking ID cards, it seems that they deal with each time if there is something, such as filtering by admission screening, including impressions, behavior, behavior at the time of interview, and feedback after dating after using it.

Dating clubs are often more expensive than matching apps, and it seems that such a high threshold is also a factor that makes it difficult for strange people to enter.

Conversely, an environment where it is easy to enter because the usage fee is low or free, and where the system of identity verification is inadequate and it is difficult to identify an individual in the event of something happening, is a person who is different from the purpose of such a service. It may be an environment that is easy to enter.

In the case of PATOLO, we have the best of matching apps and dating clubs. We will cover it with a reporting and monitoring system.

We will continue to make efforts to create a comfortable matching environment.

Thank you for your continued support.

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