Women who want to invest, men who can

Hello everyone.

This is Yanase, in charge of PATOLO sales.

PATOLO uses the catchphrase investment love

What is investment love, I wondered. (now)

Daddy alive

A girl who wants money and a man who wants to have fun with a girl who doesn't usually meet and a money relationship.

I thought it was a contract method.

Support for men who can afford to invest and send to girls who want to invest for the first time.

Hmmm, what kind of woman do you want to invest in?

Femininity, beauty, what do you want to spend money on, is it okay if you don't have the technology to make money?

To satisfy sexual desire...

To regain the love that can't be tasted in customs?

I want to understand the feelings of the members who register!

That way, PATOLO's service should be even better...

Get feedback many times and brush up

We will continue to improve our services so that our members and affiliated stores can be satisfied.


Yanase Natsume

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